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Los Angeles & Las Vegas
07/01/2019 No.112
Phoenix, AZ
06/28/2019 No.144
Phoenix, AZ
06/14/2019 No.143
Los Angeles & Las Vegas
06/01/2019 No.111

About Us

Tri State Bilingual Lifestyle Magazine

Yes Magazine is a free life style magazine, distributed in 3 cities - Los Angeles, Las Vegas & Phoenix metro area. And we are launching our magazine in San Fransisco, September 2017.
We are one of the largest Bilingual(English and Chinese) publications in the West Coast. We provide wholesome and healthy content to our readers.Our clients include auto dealers - Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, GMC, supermarkets, restaurants, accountants, lawyers, health care providers, realtors, insurance agents, and education- such as Kumon and Montessori

Brand Differentiation

Yes Magazine thrives to differ. We are colorful, vibrant, young and lively. We offer rich and healthy content that spans a variety of topics such as health, technology, fashion, design, environment, new car, movie reviews, beauty, pets, entertainment, and up-to-date life hacks. Our magazine is suitable for all ages!


Our readers, range from age 4 to 80 in both genders, who are intelligent and modern. Kids like pet raising tips and movie reviews; Mid ages devour technology, life hacsk, and yog, and seniors interest in healthy recipes and dietary tips.
Our readers from 20 to 50 are smart, successful individuals with high purchasing power, who also happen to pursue beautiful things in life.

Contact Us

鳯凰城 Phoenix

2320 E Baseline Rd. Ste 148-406
Phoenix. AZ 85042

拉斯維加斯 Las Vegas

4001 S Decatur Blvd #4
Las Vegas,NV 89103

洛杉磯 Los Angeles

808 E. Valley Blvd
San Gabreil, CA 91776